jumping-444613_640Do you consider yourself a morning person? Studies suggest morning people tend to be happier and even healthier. But you don’t have to be morning person to develop simple habits that can help you have a more balanced and productive day.

Waking up can be difficult if you don’t have something to look forward to. If you find yourself feeling stuck in life, it could be as simple as shifting and switching up some of your morning routines.

Here are seven habits practiced by the healthiest and happiest people.

They speak kindly to themselves

Instead of waking up and thinking negative thoughts about how much they ate the night before or how they failed to meet a goal, or how frustrated they are that they aren’t where they think they should be in life, they simply celebrate where they are with kind and compassionate thoughts.

They listen to their bodies

The happiest and healthiest people don’t have a strict morning routine, but instead listen to their bodies and let them guide them. Some mornings their bodies may say, “Today, it will feel good to work out early and drink fresh green juice.” While other mornings it may say, “Push snooze one more time.” Instead of feeling guilty for their choices or thinking their morning has to look a certain way, they trust themselves and let their bodies’ needs lead them.

They focus on what they want instead of what they don’t want.

Happy people focus on what they want by picturing it in their head and taking steps to achieve it. Instead of wasting precious energy on what isn’t working or what they don’t want, they commit to a better future by imagining what they want.

They leave yesterday in the past.

Most people wake up and start to run through a list of the mistakes, mishaps or problems from the day before. This prevents you from fully moving forward into a positive day. Instead, go to bed each night and say to yourself, “For today, I did the best I could and it is enough. Tomorrow, I will do it again.” Then when you wake, you will feel more grounded and balanced to start fresh again.


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