Recent lawsuits against Monsanto — arguably one of the world’s most evil corporations — continue to highlight the company’s wrongdoings and misdeeds. Many of their actions would have less-connected individuals locked up or worse, and yet, Monsanto continues to enjoy their position at the helm of the agrochemical and biotech industries.

Monsanto has even earned itself the nickname of “Monsatan,” a moniker perhaps more befitting of a company that has used its prowess to collude with the EPA to prevent the toxicity of a hazardous chemical from coming to light — but wait, that was Monsanto.

Recently, a judge unsealed documents that showed EPA official Jess Rowland actually promised Monsanto executives that he would find a way to stop another federal agency, the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, from conducting their own assessment of glyphosate.

“If I can kill this I should get a medal,” Rowland said to a Monsanto employee, who then relayed their conversation to coworkers through an email. And it appears Rowland’s efforts worked, as the report on the herbicidal compound was never published.

Other emails have revealed that Monsanto’s William Heydens conspired to help ghostwrite a paper on glyphosate’s safety. Specifically, Heydens suggested that Monsanto could author the portions of the paper on exposure toxicity and genotoxicity. In the email, Heydens even recalled how the same method of ghostwriting was used to handle a similar study in the year 2000.

Then there is the letter from Marion Copley, a now-deceased former EPA scientist. Copley’s letter outlines a number of different ways by which glyphosate can cause cancer and other harmful health effects, such as endocrine disruption and immune system suppression. In the letter, Copley also describes the corruption at the EPA, begging her fellow scientists “to do the right thing” and not make decisions “based on how it affects your bonus.”

“For once in your life, listen to me and don’t play your political conniving games with the science to favor the registrants,” Copley pleads — to none other than Jess Rowland.

The collusion between Monsanto and the EPA is truly only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Monsanto’s evil nature. Over the course of the company’s many years of existence, Monsanto has unleashed many a toxin into the world. Nary a decade goes by where the corporation isn’t stricken with controversy over some new hazardous chemical they’ve created. Their very first chemical was saccharin, an artificial sweetener, but it was soon followed by the development of PCBs. After 50 years, PCBs were banned due to their toxicity and devastating environmental effects.

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