Imagine this scenario for a moment: The world’s most evil corporation as a puppeteer pulling the strings of the federal watchdog organizations that are supposed to regulate them and protect public health. Nothing good could come from such a scenario, could it? Well, sadly it’s exactly what’s been going on in the United States for a long time.

This was recently illustrated once more when Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests brought documents to light that show how much control Monsanto has over the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – the very agency tasked with regulating Big Agri.

Between May 19 and October 23 2015, multiple emails were exchanged between executives at Monsanto; the office of chemical safety and pollution at the EPA; the ATSDR; and the National Center for Environmental Health (NCEH), which oversees ATSDR, stressing that an investigation by the ATSDR into glyphosate would be a “duplicative government effort,” since the EPA was completing its own risk assessment for glyphosate. Such an investigation, the EPA insisted, would not “be a good use of government resources.”

The result? The ATSDR’s review was placed on hold, and two years later, the EPA still hasn’t released its own report on glyphosate. 

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