Mary Nash Stoddard

Is an expert witness, journalist, award winning consumer advocate and lecturer at leading universities. She has been an appointed judge for the State of Texas and a talk show host to name a few. She had given up her freelance work with Hollywood film producers in 1984, to devote time helping her husband, Mike, through radiation and chemotherapy treatments for a brain tumor. After he died in 1985 at age 42, Mary also suffered a life threatening illness – eosinophilia-myalgia – that she and her doctor attributed to the consumption of aspartame. When she stopped using aspartame, the serious neurological and physical symptoms she was suffering gradually began to improve. Using her background in journalism, Mary uncovered many others with similar stories. She went on to co-found the Aspartame Consumer Safety Network with the successful Washington consumer advocate James S Turner.
Having helped thousands who have also been affected by Aspartame over the past 20 years, Mary and James have been joined by dozens of researchers and health care professionals who now work with ACSN. Mary has spent thousands of hours giving interviews to Radio, TV and newspaper journalists all over the world. In 1998 and 1999, Mary was a select member of the President’s Council on Food Safety.

Her work has resulted numerous articles in virtually every type of visual and printed media and a hard-hitting 250 page report: Deadly Deception – Story of Aspartame


One national televised interview generated over 60,000 calls to the television network switchboard. In the course of her career as a successful consumer advocate, she has appeared in print and on hundreds of international newscasts and talk shows.

Media credits include:

* ABC News Nightline
* The Washington Post
* Thames TV London
* Canadian Broadcasting Corp.
* CBN TV News
* CBN Radio Network
* The Dallas Morning News
* U.S. Air Force Flying Safety
* General Aviation News
* Life Choices w/Kathleen Sullivan
* Trinity Broadcasting TV Network
* Vegetarian Times
* Plane & Pilot
* Aviation Digest [Australia]
* The Forum [The Netherlands]
* U.S.A. Radio Network

For further information: You can contact Mary via

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