Martina Johansson, 33 years old, M.Sc. Bioengineering and Biophysics, from Sweden, currently living in Stockholm.

After Martina began her keto journey she started to work out, something she had never done before. Up until the age of 25 her energy levels where always too low, too low for running, too low to go to the gym, Martina just wanted to sit in front of her computer or sleep. After a few weeks on the keto diet her energy levels started to rise and it didn’t take long before she got herself a gym membership. A year later Martina ran her first half marathon and after two years she entered her first strength competition.

The difference was incredible and this sparked Martina’s interest to learn more, do more research personally and professionally, continue to improve and study her own biology.

Martina’s current field of interest is epigenetics and how to negate genetic mutations and disease genes.

Check out Martina’s international blog

Daily blog at (in Swedish) with a readership of 1.5 million/ month.

Frequent Instagrammer @highfatfitness

Make videoblogs in English at her international Youtube channel  

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