Most Natural News readers know that there is rising resistance to pharmaceutical antibiotics. Fewer know of the inherent dangers of pharmaceutical antibiotics that are rarely publicized by mainstream media (MSM). What’s even less known are safe and effective alternatives, especially the home-made variety.

Pharmaceutical antibiotics are designed for bacteria only. So if you’re suffering from a viral or fungal infection and you’re prescribed an antibiotic, you not only are out of luck for a solution but are throwing the dice against some potential short-term and long-term side effects.

Garlic_Press_and_GarlicApparently, as pharmaceutical antibiotics are complex synthetic formulations, pathogenic bacteria for which they are designed have more loopholes to discover in order to resist them. Conversely, it seems that the same is not true with natural antibiotics, many of which can also multi-task as antifungals and antivirals.

Here’s a tonic that you can easily make to have on hand for a variety of ailments, made with several traditional time-proven ingredients that are antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal.

This cleansing tonic performs as a total multi-tasking anti-pathogen for bacteria, viruses and fungal infections. It’s easy to make and cheap. You won’t have to worry about side effects either. The source for this recipe claims that it’s useful for resolving candidiasis also.

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