Blood sugar

Between a state of health and type 2 diabetes, the medical profession has defined a state known as ‘impaired glucose tolerance’ (IGT). Here, insulin functioning tends to be impaired and blood sugar levels on the high side, but not so bad as for the criteria of type 2 diabetes to be met.

If someone was to give three words of advice for someone with IGT they would undoubtedly be ‘cut the carbs’. Cutting back on sugar and starch in the diet is what I have found works best for improving blood sugar control and perhaps retaining some insulin sensitivity. There are other things that might be considered too (such as physical activity, if this is not currently a feature of someone’s life), but scaling back carbohydrate intake would be my number one piece of advice.

I was therefore interested to read a recent study in which a ‘low carbohydrate diet’ (LCD) was trialled in a group of 72 individuals with IGT. Half were educated about low-carbohydrate eating and encouraged to adopt this diet for a year. The other half of the group was left to its own devices.

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