Here’s a tasty low carb and homemade sweet treat: [columns divider] 1. Take a pot of full fat soft cheese and set it aside to warm up a little for half an hour.soft cheese[divider dotted]3. Add two or three chopped walnuts and mix both the fruit and the nuts into the soft cheese. Cover and return to the cooler for 24 hours.walnuts[divider dotted] [divider invisible]So if you’re using 100 grams of pecans, a small pack of cream cheese, one fig, five blueberries and 14 or 15 walnut halves, the whole lot comes to 27 grams of carbs and those of you who would like to follow net carbs will come with an even smaller number so it really is a guilt free treat.   2. In the meantime take one dried fig and five or six blueberries and chop them up into very small bits.dried figBunch_of_blueberries  [divider dotted] 4. Now for the treat: Take half a spoonful of the fruity cheesy mixture and sandwich it between two pecan nuts.  pecan nuts[divider dotted]

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