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Lets get a sneak peak inside this months astonishing interesting issue

As there are so many similarities between Low Carb and Paleo, we have Iron Man athlete, marathon runner, health and fitness instructor and chef – Nell Stephenson chatting to us about how food is the key to the healthiest of lifestyles

Snacking is considered a sin by many – but we see how you can turn it into a virtue ‘Success by Snacking’

On top of that we answer the question – Is lowcarb right for you?

This month, we feature the interview with Civilised Caveman George Bryant

In the sneak peak of our interview with Author Dana Carpender – she reveals some of the problems with so clled Paleo foods and touch on the sticky problem of using honey and milk.

Have you ever wondered where the expression “Brining home the bacon” comes from? Well in this months featured festival about the River Falls Bacon Bash you’ll find out the answer

Alain Braux gives us more info about whats going on in the decidedly joke-scientific world of GMO – does anyone really believe their so called studies? Moving on…

There’s also your monthly overview of food festivals going on near you and the usual line up of products we love

Our recipes this month include LowCarb Baked Chicken Pesto and easy Cauliflower rice and chicken stuffed peppers.

Last but not least we’ll be talking knees and hamstring exercises.

Once again, a jam packed magazine – all to help you live your lowcarb and paleo life – your way.

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