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We started off with the full interview  with  Shannon Drake.  Shannon is the power behind the dirt range of  paleo friendly health products.
She takes the simple premise that what you put on the outside  of your body is just as important as what you put on the inside of your body.    Shannon looked at traditional products that have been used for thousands of years across many societies and based her product on those  tried and tested and safe ingredients.
The result is that her product not only work  and do what you expect them to do you can also be safe in the knowledge that there is  only good stuff in them.
This month is also host to one of the most popular feasts across the world – the Cinco de Mayo  that features   lots of traditional Mexican and international  dishes to celebrate a victory for the Mexican army over the French some  200 years ago.
We have the story of two young ladies who weren’t happy with the  nutritional bars that they found in health shops and decided to do something  that was sure to the Paleo ethos.
In this issue you get a sneak peak  of the story behind the story of YAWP Bars and the why and how they both became addicted to eating paleo.
Lots of festivals that are coming up over the next few months  including Arizona barbecue Festival  which is in our festival feature.
Also included in the online and the PDF version of the magazine is the video interview with Dr Shauna young.
She talks about how she is curing autism with diet  so if you  know anyone who suffers with any of the problems on the autism spectrum from ADHD right the way through to autism  so make sure you have a listen to this interview  as the information it contains may help you see the lives of those you love and care about changed.
GMO expert and dietician Alain Braux is chipping in with his usual roundup of what’s going on in the world of genetically modified organisms and how you can avoid the dangers that are associated with those.
And of course there is our usual roundup of food festivals – great products our readers recommend.
Plus of course we’ve got our famous step-by-step easy to do recipes that this month  feature   Arizona barbecue Festival rub, a great chicken dish, an easy to do salad and the  humble fishcake.
To round things off we got some easy weight loss exercises This is mainly working on the upper arms and back .
And a whole lot more besides…
That’s it for the month of May.
Do enjoy this months Low carb Mag.

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