In this months issue we take a look at the world of snack bars.

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Many on the market that claim to be paleo and or low carb  are – quite frankly – no where near anything like qualifying in the nutritional sense as being ok for either of those two ways of eating.

And that is exactly the same conclusion that two of our interviewees came too as well.

In the first one, Taylor Collins tells us about the amazing transformation going Paleo had on him and his partner Katy – including healing Katy from some very debilitating joint health problems.

Talking of problems  – Martina Johansson takes us through the solutions to those pesky problems we encounter as our bodies start to clean themselves – aka lowcarb flu – and what you can do about it

The next snack bar interview is with Nathalie Carter and Rebecca Myers.

They too thought they could do a better job of making a snack bar and came up with the Yawp bar based on a variety of natural, organic nuts and seeds that blend together to make really tasty bars that are just right when you want a munch on the go.

Our featured food festival this month is The Rosy rhubarb festival in Shedden Ontario.
You’ll find out more about how to cook this curious yet tasty plant that does not seem sure if its a fruit or vegetable.

Food again features in the interview with Heath Squier who is the guy behind Paleo inc, Julian Bakery and The Primal Show he hosts with Gary Collins. Want to find out the real story behind smart carb bread? Then listen to the interview with him right from the magazine.

Alain Braux gives us his customary overview of the stories lurking around the mouldy world of GMO that will help you keep up to date on what to be wary of consuming – either as news or as food.

Plus there is the usual line up of food festivals for the month of June, A quick run through of the products we like and have tried ourselves.

Our famous step by step photo  that this month include Pan grilled spiced pork chops Easy Avocado Gazpacho and low carb chocolate ice cream

Not forgetting our exercise series that in this issue will help you firm up your stomach without doing sit ups

All that and more in this months exciting and informative issue of the low carb mag.

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