The July edition of Low Carb Mag is again filled with a whole load of interesting and helpful interview, articles recipes and more.

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First, we have the full length interview with Kendall Kendrick. Kendall is a mom to four girls, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, a voice actor, motivational speaker and host to the Born Primal Show. In this interview she reveals to us how she has used paleo to help her manage things like adrenal fatigue, asthma and more. And she takes us outside the realm of food and looks out how sleeping better can make so many improvements in your life and also at why sex is probably one of the most important part of a paleo lifestyle.

To help you with food ideas We also give you a delicious four week menu planner. And we’ll also be answering your top three lowcarb questions.

Ann Fonfa reveals how she helped to fight her cancer using food as medicine in this months sneak peak and she’s also the guest on the Low Carb paleo show article this month

Our featured festival is the Maine lobster festival that runs from 29th of July to 2 August and we’ve included a tasty Maine Lobster Salad recipe thats so popular with festival goers – we just had to tell you about it.

Alain Braux keeps us up to speed with this months deep dive into the world of GMO news and mayhem

A round up of festivals that are going on in july and early august as well.

We can’t forget our usual look at products we love – neither our our tasty seafood recipes, exercise program and more.

That’s a quick roundup of whats in-store when you open your personal edition of the July edition of LCM.

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