Welcome to the August 2015 edition of low carb mag.



So what is inside this months jam-packed issue?

We have Ann Fonfa telling us in detail about her journey of finding that she had cancer and getting rid of it without the pain and stress of chemo therapy.

We have an in-depth view of using traditional Chinese medicine for health and how it can help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals

There are answers to three more of your top low carb questions

Plus we have a look at the interview Alain Braux and I did with Nell Stephenson where she tells us about the more feminine side of Paleo. No cavemen here !

This months featured festival is the Woodstock Fruit festival then Alain Braux gives us more info about whats going on in the wicked world of GMO

There’s also your monthly overview of food festivals going on near you and the usual line up of products we love

Porkchops in a creamy mushroom sauce feature in our easy to follow step by step recipes this month

Last but not least we’ll be talking legs and hip exercises to get you ready for summer on the beach.

A jam packed magazine yet again – all to help you live your lowcarb and paleo life – your way.

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