Over the course of any week, I have the pleasure of interviewing or talking with some of the most interesting health professionals on the planet. The information I get from these people, coupled with my daily dose of vital health and well-being information gleaned from research papers, industry reports, news articles, snippets sent in by readers of the magazine and viewers of the online videos programs we make, means that I am constantly being educated and learning new things about how to stay fit and healthy.

Much of that (space and time permitting) is passed onto you via the magazine and the videos. Yet all of it adds to the depth of information that I personally have amassed that when ‘put into action’ enables me to remain free from having needed the services of a doctor for the last 40 plus years.

Prevention is ultimately the best ‘cure’ anyone can ever have for any of the ailments and health problem in existence in this modern age.

There is a train of cause and effect here…
• Attention
• Learning
• Testing
• Action
• Result


We need to take notice of our bodies and get to know our bodies’ needs, wants, weaknesses and strengths. That’s Attention!

With these things in mind, we need to Learn about the cause and effects of our actions (or inaction) on our bodies. Things like what we choose to eat, how we choose to move (exercise) or not and many other things like sleeping, not doing anything about stressful situations and so on.

Taking further Action as we see how effective our testing has been and then of course, enjoying the Results of simply doing more of what we have already tested to be found working.

Now you may have noticed the initial letters on my train of effects spells out the word ALTAR. For some, an altar is a sacred thing that speaks of both blessing and sacrifice and frankly, there is no difference here either. In order to be and remain healthy, we have to sacrifice, say a love of bread (one of my personal sacrifices). But doing that, gives me the blessing of not feeling bloated and of course enjoying the extra health benefits of – not just – being free from wheat in general but also from the many additives that are in modern day food ingredients… In wheat’s case a gut full of round-up or other glyphosate filled junk!


I’ll leave you to fill in details to the intermediate steps as I’m sure you’re sufficiently wise and experienced to personalize them for yourself and jump straight to the conclusion.

At the end of the day, it is always the blessing of positive results that we seek.


Those results come from paying attention to your body and then doing what you need to do to make it whole and keep it that way. Doing that in a half hearted way is simply short changing yourself and cheapening any sacrifice you make along the way.


So remember. Your health is precious and worth any number of those small costs (like giving up bread) you might have to place on the altar in order to get the results of a life lived longer in good health.

Ultimately… You are precious too.

Live like you know that!


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