Probably one of the things that most of us fear the most is not the boogeyman or even public speaking (though that strangely enough is very high on the list.

No, it’s change.

In everything we do, we feel comfortable when things stay the same.

We positively love routine We adore going to the same places, seeing the same people, doing the same things and yes…

Eating the same food.


If always doing the same things the same way has not got you where you want to go – what other thing must you do to get a different outcome?

Obviously do something different.

It is not rocket science!

What has that got to do with health, fitness and fat loss?

Absolutely everything!

In this month’s issue we have an interview with Martina Johansson in which she goes into depth about how she moved away from a high carb, low fat, vegetarian diet that was giving her “…chronic stomach problems, IBS,
had chronic throat infection, a lot of anxiety and very low attention span…” Moving  over to “…a high fat diet with
almost no carbs, way beyond the Paleo diet…”

The result of which was that she not only got back the level of health that she should have had for her age, circumstance and so on.

But more than that.

She got the type of health, level of fitness and general great feeling of being alive that she had decided she

The bottom line to this is very simple.

If your lowcarb, paleo, or any other type of diet is not working for you you positively must, absolutely have to do something about  it and what you are doing and maybe, after a suitable period of testing change again, until what you are doing gives you the health, fitness, energy and ability to live the lifestyle that you not only want but after doing all that you deserve as well.

Embracing change sometimes can seem daunting but 99% of the time it is usually worth it.

Have a great day

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