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Many of us associate September with the children going back to school. Whether or not you have children taking up a lot of your time at the moment, this time of year is certainly one punctuated by change. Depending on where you live, you’ll notice the evenings drawing in or for those in the southern hemisphere – that spring is firmly in the air.

Whichever it is one is sure to be your favourite season. These seasonal changes don’t cause us any worry that is simply because we have experienced them before. We are comfortable with them. Understanding that is the secret as to how we can deal with any change we want to make in our lives. Simply to get comfortable with it.

The fact of the matter is that none of us really like to get out of our comfort zone – otherwise it wouldn’t be called a comfort zone if you think about it. Yet to make any kind of worthwhile change most often we do have to move -even by a small step into the uncomfortable area.

But what if you didn’t have to?

What if instead of moving out into the uncomfortable zone in order to see a change take place – you could move the change process into your existing comfort zone. It wouldn’t be so uncomfortable (obviously) and it wouldn’t be so challenging.

But would it produce the change that you want?

Maybe we can understand that better by looking at it the other way round. It could be fair to say that most of us got out of condition and put on weight without really noticing it happening. Let’s face it – we were happily living our lives content with the way we were physically, content with our energy levels, in fact content with our physical selves for quite a long time.

But one day we realised something had changed… Something had crept up on us that we weren’t happy about.

Now that could only have occurred if something changed in the way that we used to live our lives . Little by little, small changes had crept up on us and done things to us that we did not like .

Now, if changes that we didn’t like could creep up on us without us noticing and without our getting out of the comfort zone – It stands to reason that changes for the good could also be surreptitiously slipped into our lives producing changes for the better. All without us having to move out of our comfort zone – but rather bringing those changes within it.

Here’s a little story that will illustrate this.

A while ago I was in London England. And I had quite a few places to see that day so I needed a map. The guy at the newspaper stand said there was a shop that sells them a few hundred yards up the road . As I turned to go in the direction he indicated, I happen to look into the bus that was stood in the traffic on the road next to me. And that exact same moment a beautiful young lady who was sat on the bus looked up and out out of the window. Our eyes met and we both exchanged embarrassed little smiles.

And as I was not looking where I was going – I walked into the bus stop post. Out the corner of my eye I noticed that the engaging smile she had a few moments earlier had developed into a full blown laugh… Along with all the other people on the bus who saw my sudden stop.
Even I was amused so I too started to laugh at myself as I went on up the road where I found the shop and bought my map.
As I came out of the shop, that same beautiful lady was just getting off the bus outside and this time she nearly walked into me.
It was my turn to smile widely.

But here’s what I want you to notice… No, not the opening to a mills and boon romance. But the simple fact that I had got to her stop a lot more quickly by walking than she had from sitting an extra 5 or 6 minutes on the bus. I wouldn’t mind betting that she could get into work a lot earlier each day by walking the last 10 or 15 minutes of her journey and at the same time get some very useful exercise.
And notice… She would not have to move out of her comfort in order to make a worthwhile change to her day.
So… what small changes could you make to your day that – in the grand scheme of things – wouldn’t take you out of your comfort zone, would go largely unnoticed and be a positive change that would take you in the direction you know you want to go in?

I’ll leave you with those thoughts as you discover the many goodies that we got in this months magazine.

There is a super interview with Paleo entrepreneur Susie Walker. I mentioned going back to school earlier well here’s a story where we’ve got more government interference in what we feed our children – this time in the shape of what goes in their lunch boxes – that is if we are allowed to give them lunch boxes .

We revisit the Dr Atkins Diet Revolution .

And find out from Dr Terry Wahls how her protocol might be better than the GAPS diet for people with health problems such as MS and Alzheimer’s . We also review one of our favourite products – YAWP snack bars. And start a new series where we tell you about products that we love .

Plus all our wonderful step-by-step recipes and so much more .

Please do enjoy this months magazine.


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