Just a few hours ago, my ‘other dad’ Jojo needlessly died in hospital from septiceimia.

He was fit and active right up to the night before he was admitted and would still be here with us if he had not been
let down by the narrow minded medical profession.

Without doubt it was the botched treatment he got initially that led to urine backing up into his kidneys which was the cause of the infection, and despite the family’s protestations, the doctors in charge refused to do something about it. Septicemia then got hold of his body and the only treatment the hospital offered was antibiotics – which nearly always prove ineffective.

As a result, nearly 250,000 people in the USA alone die from septicemia and the complications if causes. Jojo got added to that statistic when he should by rights be walking around right now.

The most hurtful thing is that a safe and very effective treatment for this condition has been known about for decades and indeed is now used in a few hospitals in the US and many private clinics throughout the world.

More recently this treatment has been refined by Dr. Paul Marik that consists of high but very safe doses of intravenous Vitamin C and B accompanied by hydrocortisone.

Hospitals that use this have seen a 96 percent survival rate. Far better than the typical 50% one sees when going down the ‘conventional’ antibiotic and drug treatment.

Jojo’s family asked the hospital to use this vitamin treatment – yet they refused as it was not one of their protocols. Even though they had everything in stock and that they knew that even a high dose would be safe.

So why do I mention this?

I dearly want you to be informed as it is certain that you will be affected by someone you know and love getting septicemia. Now you know it does not have to be a death sentence I truly hope you will stand up for the right that person in the hospital bed has to live and tell the doctors too long and loud that when they deny that person the treatment that can save their life they are playing god.

And they are going against their pledge to save life.

We have to stand and educate blinkered professionals about treatments that work. They must not be allowed to ignore simple and effective recipes just because they don’t fit their current thinking.

Where safety is not an issue what excuse do they have anyway.

When we do this then the treatments and so on that we know work can and will eventually make it back into the
mainstream. And believe it or not using a low carb diet to treat diabetes has now become more and more used by the
mainstream to treat diabetes. When my dad was in hospital a few month ago, the docs could not get his blood sugar down and so put him on insulin.

The hospital dietician assigned to him, much to my surprise and delight, suggested he go on a low carb diet to bring it under control.

Needless to say now that the ‘docs’ have said it’s OK everything I’ve been telling him for the last few decades ‘makes
sense’ now.

There are two things that come out of these two seemingly disparate sagas.

One, we have to inform ourselves about treatments that work. We might need them ourselves one

Two, even though it might take some time, common sense will prevail and natural effective treatments do eventually overcome the endemic propensity of the medical profession as a whole to only consider making as big a profit as
possible out of people’s suffering.

Be informed – be safe.

Until Next time


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