Oct2015There is a lot happening in the lowcarb and Paleo world at the moment. I get the sense that our respective ways of living and eating are undergoing changes.

On the lowcarb side – I can see that the Low carb Diet is maturing into something I’d describe as ‘middleage’.

Now if you have passed that landmark yourself, you’ll know exactly what I’m getting at… That’s the time in your life where priorities and the reasons for doing them change completely.

When we reach that stage in our lives, then typically our kids have grown sufficiently that we are no longer running around after them and they no longer rely on us for everything so  we start to get time for ourselves. It’s a time when we can look more to our own needs wants and desires.

We can do the things we enjoy and start to take the subject of a ‘comfortable future’ more seriously. Part of that concern is the way we look at our bodies. The younger us may well have had a tendency to think first about being slimmer and more active with the thought of being healthier coming further down on the list.

Yet middle age brings other thoughts that change that emphasis to putting health first so we can be more active and be around for our grand kids for instance. Being slim becomes much more simply one of the bonuses that comes with following a healthy lifestyle rather then the reason for it.

That is in essence what I’ve seen going through the LowCarb world for some time now.

People are adopting the Lowcarb life for good health more than for any other reason. More than anything else, they want to live longer, healthier lives and are willing to do what it takes to get that for themselves.

Paleo too is undergoing a period of change. It is coming to the end of what I can only describe as adolescence. Over the last ten years we have seen Paleo go through so many growing pains and just like at school it has divided off into many ‘teams’ with each ‘player’ fiercely loyal to their own particular team and the way they chose to ‘play the game’ – which is a metaphor for “my paleo is better then your paleo”.

As adulthood approaches members of the teams start to mature in their understanding.

What do I mean by that?

Well, No matter how vitriolic players are against their opponents in say college football, they may yet find themselves playing on the same team when they move off into the big world of say pro football or basket ball.

Each one brings with them all they learnt from their college – both useful and the useless – but when they get on the same team the coach will inevitably help them refine that raw knowledge through science, physiology, psychology and practice taking it to a higher more professional level that turns the good college player into the expert pro. In essence then, the world of paleo is going through those adolescent growing pains because it is fragmented by nothing more then dogmatic team loyalty rather then on huge scientific facts.

But as people who follow its various teams mature and get stuck into the science they too will learn that  their dogmatic following of one paleo personality or another becomes frankly quite inappropriate. And at that stage, they will begin the process of following the undeniable sound science behind paleo that will be far more useful than anything else they had before.

I’m sure you have looked back over your early life and thought “If only I knew then what I know now – I’d have done things differently. I’d have made less mistakes and been a better person.” It’s not that that information was not available – it was simply – like everyone else – you didn’t think it applied to you.

So as the information is there – what are you going to do with it?

Stick with the dogma or make more informed choices for a better life?
All the best,

Mark Moxom,
Executive Editor

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