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There are a lot of people in our lowcarb and paleo world that really encourage us to do our best and it is certain that the contributors for this month’s magazine really do set great examples for us to follow.

We have Abel James who is without doubt a really nice guy and who you can’t help but look up to in terms of what he has done to get and keep fit and healthy and… Go the extra mile to help others do the same but without having to face many of the problems he has.

Abel has a way of keeping things simple and simple in my book is generally good.

He registers a zero on my BSometer.

That to my mind is the mark of someone who doesn’t just ‘know’ what they are talking about but has really experienced it.

So why is that important?

Simply because if you want to know how something should be done then ask someone who’s done it – not just once but many times. And if that person has also helped others succeed you know that they are much more likely to help you do to. And that way you will get advice you can rely on to get you the results you want.

Thats one of the main qualities we look for in the many experts we interview for Low Carb Mag.

Has this person walked the walk?

If they have, then we know they are going to be someone whose words we can rely on.

That’s why we feature so many different people from the Low carb and paleo world. They may not be famous in your circle, they may not be well known in your country but you can be sure they have great info and advice that just may be the answer to what you’re looking for.


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