More and more people are becoming less and less healthy.

Have you ever wondered why that is?

I know I have and frankly following that train of thought can lead to some unpleasant realisations.

And also some great ideas…

One of the main reasons – that I’m sure you are aware of – is the continual lowering in the real nutritional value of our food. At every turn corners are being cut
for the sake of size or maybe colour yet little if any time is spent on making sure each food stuff – and that includes the raw foods too – is giving us enough nutrition.

Another one on the list of culprits is the advertising industry. They seem to go out of their way to make
some of the worst food around seem appetizing and good to eat.

Next to take a huge portion of the blame are our educators. Nearly everyone goes through some sort
of schooling process. SO one would think that “education” is meant to prepare us for life and help us become model citizens who contribute to society. You’d
think the “educators” at least would be able to add up the sums and see that people who don’t know how to make good food choices are the very ones who get sick the most often and cost society far more to look after than those of us who generally stay well.

However, the people who bear the highest responsible are quite simply each of us as individuals. It really is impossible as an adult to miss the fact that good health comes from eating good food. And the only excuses people can come up with as to why they refuse to do anything about it are very lame excuses.

And follow that logic for just one second…

If anyone makes an excuse they signify that they are aware of the problem and the mature response to that is doing something about it and goodness know if anyone wants to learn about nutrition – at any level – then there are tens of
thousands of people around who would be more than happy to take them on and help them improve their knowledge, skills and understanding.

Here’s a thought… How about you and your best cooking friends get together once a week or once a month and invite a few people over and get them busy experiencing how great it feels to make real food from real ingredients and just how good that food tastes – even more so when you have prepared it for the first time and eaten it with friends.

Find a friend who can’t cook and help them to know the joy of good home made food.

Who knows where that can lead.?

All the best


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