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Before this issue went to press I did my usual read through of the articles to make sure all was as I’d like it to be. Now even though I, (along with Alain Braux) had been the ones who interviewed Nora Gedgaudas – re-reading that article was one of the most thrilling things I’d read on health in a long time.

The work that Nora is doing has helped thousands and will go on to – I think – help hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions more.

It simply does have that potential.

Why would I say that?

Why would I even think that?

Because it does two things that the current pharmaceutical illness service does not do.

It acts on the cause of the problem. It removes the foods from someone’s diet… If you prefer – here methods take away poisons rather than writing out a prescription for them.

Putting that another way… Nora’s method finds out what is causing the damage and then takes away the thing that is causing it and then goes on to help the body heal itself.

Does that make sense to you?

It does to me!

I only wish that what we now call ‘conventional medicine’ would start from the same perspective.

If it did just that one action it would transform the ‘medical care industry’ overnight.

By the way if you get the chance to see it, the Good Old BBC in the UK recently followed a doctor who did something like that in a series of programs called ‘The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs’. It’s well worth a watch if you can access it where you are.

Have a super day!


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