When was the last time you looked in the mirror and liked 100 percent of what you saw?

Hopefully it was some time today or even just a few minutes ago.

If that’s the case – well you’re obviously doing something right so just keep doing it. But if there were one or two things that you think could do with improvement just pick one and make that your main focus of attention and effort.

Why not do all of them?

Well there are two main reasons not to ‘multitask’.

The first is that even with the best intentions we all get distracted from the main aim of what we want to achieve and if that main aim is diluted over a number goals then the probability of distraction is multiplied by at least the square of the number of goals.

I won’t bore you with the maths but here’s the bottom line If you’ve got one thing to aim for then the only thing you are going to get distracted from is that main aim and as soon as you realise it – you only have one thing to get back on with.

But let’s say you have two main aims.

Well, straight away each can distract you from the other ( so that 2 things) and when you realise you have favoured one over the other then you have to decide which should you really be getting on with?

The one you’re distracted by or the one you’ve neglected (that’s another 2 things making 4 distractions).

But it does not end there because we have not yet factored in our favourite way to be distracted from pursuing our goals that being the big P…


Now if as is often the case there are many arguments for not getting back to one thing or the other we will assure ourselves that it is only sensible to do our due diligence and spend a bit of time going through the various pros and cons of which part of each aim should get our attention and in what order.

Now even if there are only three things to consider then the permutations of what to do in what order makes a further 15 permutations of deciding what we should get on with.

And you know what will happen then. We will be off to ask our friends and advisors for their opinion.

Which as they can’t know all the facts – unless you spend a huge amount of time to tell them – will
add further delays. Then of course if you ask more than one person…

I know you get the picture.

So all of this has been said to bring you one, very simple truth.

Life becomes much, much easier if we concentrate on ONE thing at a time.

Because if all our goal attaining efforts are concentrated on doing one thing then…

It’s easy to see when we are getting off track.

It’s easy to know what we should be getting on with.

There are no conflicts of which goal/main-aim is the most important at the moment. But best of all is…

When it’s done… IT’S DONE

Here are a couple of working examples.

Take making changes to your food intake to ensure say you only have low carb food. Simply concentrate on one ingredient at a time.

Firstly, deal with food that contains high amounts of sugar.

Why would that prove useful?

Well mainly because sugar can come in so many forms and getting to know them well and that’s even before you get on to the synthetic varieties.

Do you see what I mean?

So depending on how quickly you learn about ‘all things sugar’ it could take you a week or so to get to know and recognise what foods are high in specific types of sugar.

Once you become the sugar expert you can move onto other ingredients, let’s say flour.

That too can come in various varieties and be called by different names some of which at first glance don’t seem to have anything to do with flour.

Then you move onto the next and the next and the next.

Very shortly, you’ll become the go to expert in what ingredients to avoid when on a lowcarb, paleo or keto diet.

But here’s a time saver. Because you know that one food item is high in sugar, you don’t need to learn if its off limits because it has high levels of grain products.

Another bonus of concentrating on one thing at time is that your knowledge will become a lot deeper over a whole range of things and take my word for it… You’ll get to that ‘expert level’ far quicker that
way than you will by trying to know it all at once.

No matter how big the journey you are seeking to undertake is, it is in every case made up of individual steps.

Concentrate on doing each one of them – one at a time.

That way you won’t stumble at all and you’ll get something positive from each one you take and you might even enjoy every step of the way too.

So if your appreciation of yourself was less than 100 percent, go back to the mirror and decide what one thing you are going to change.

And remember it’s not just the things on the outside that you can change either.

All the best,

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