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The low carb and Paleo community is truly a diverse one with people coming from every type of interest, occupation and background.

Now some might think that that would create many problems as people would not be able to relate to each other. But in reality it is one of the strengths within the Low-Carb and Paleo community inasmuch that there is a huge range of experience and understanding available for everybody to benefit from.

The fact that interest in and adoption of both paleo and Low-Carb lifestyles is a worldwide phenomenon – gives an even richer source of knowledge and
understanding to what is already a fascinating area of living and learning.

And that is something you’ll notice about people who are really moving forward in these complimentary communities.

Firstly, they never stop learning.

Secondly, they never stop living.

Those are important obviously.

As never stopping learning means you have always got something fresh for your mind to appreciate and maybe incorporate into what you already do. Never stopping living means that you don’t die before your time as both mind and body have something to look forward to each day. And not only that… But by looking after the body through the way that we eat and live – our bodies are much more able to be a source of enjoyment rather than one of illness and upset.

One of the joys of getting older as a Low Carber or Paleo follower is looking in the mirror and seeing a much younger person looking back at you than that would otherwise be normal for ones years. Now you might think that this is something that is limited only to people who started Paleo or Low-Carb at a young age – but the truth is that it doesn’t matter at what age you start following these ways of living and eating for you to get the benefits associated with this lifestyle quite quickly.

The Key to getting that is not complicated…

There are just two steps.
1. Get Started
2. Keep Going

Most forms of low carb and Paleo will give a huge range of health benefits so you don’t have to find the perfect one before you begin. Simply begin doing one of them that you like – even a little bit – and then as you get to know it through practicing it, then you can make changes that are more suitable to your lifestyle and way of living.


That’s because keeping something moving once it’s got momentum is far easier than starting something in the first place.

Then once it’s going, adding more “power” through learning and applying what you’ve learned will get you what you want, and where you want to be
that much more quickly.

To help us get things started and put on the speed… This month we’ve got articles from Rusty Gregory, talking about Low carb, Wheat and so much more. Dr Dave Bird will be taking us through the first part of changing over to summer exercise programs. To add a bit of interest to your food we’ll be looking at unusual veggies. And we have Holly Redman outlining the differences Paleo living can make. Plus all your favorites including the Why Bother with Exercise, recipes (including a wonderful fridge cake based on one of Holly’s recipes) and so much more.


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