Certain people have a certain way of looking at things many of which you may agree with – and some not.

But how do you and I generally gain our opinions, how do we decide what we like, approve of, follow and so on?

Much of the time our opinions are gained from those around us starting most typically with our parents, older sibling and the people they mix with. Next comes school and our opinions are reflected from our teachers and our school friends. As we progress through life it is fair to say that much of what we believe and hold to be true comes from our peers – those people we chose to spend time with, maybe look up to and want to be like.

That last part is probably the most overlooked reason why we foster our beliefs.

Now I did use the term beliefs deliberately because – Yes… It does relate to say our spiritual and say political beliefs but it also relates to many things throughout our lives.

I’m sure you will remember that person at school, or college who so wanted to be liked by a certain group of people that they admired or wanted to be a part of – that they did everything they could to fit in. They started dressing like them, talking like them, going to the same places as they did, supported the same team as the people they so much wanted to be a part of that, within a very short time, they became a copy of one or more people in that group.

The person they were initially became lost – cast away on the sea of yesterday never to be seen again.

Maybe you and I have gone through something similar and done exactly the same in the hope of fitting in.

Many times when I’m helping people take charge of their health and fitness, it’s plain to see that the dietary choices that got them into so much trouble were simply those they learnt at home. Their inactive lifestyle was a reflection of those they mixed with and related to.
Most troublingly, the outcomes would be the same for those who were living similar lives though just a little way down the track and who had reached the terminus earlier than expected (that’s a poetic way of saying the lifestyle killed them).

Yet… Have you ever wondered what life would be like, how your life would be different if you had simply been yourself throughout your life?

Would you have made the life choices you made, followed the career you followed, married the person you married if it had not been for a choice you made in the past to fit in with someone else’s idea of what is right.

Take time to ponder that.

But more importantly understand that you are a unique and individual person. A very special person and one who has no need to follow the ideas, aspirations and desires of others. You have permission to be you.

Go and be special.

YOUR KIND of special.

All the best


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