One thing that I often find a little bit misguided with many types of dietary systems is the fact that we are encouraged simply to cut out some types of food.

While that may be necessary – particularly if you’re going to something like say the low-carb or the paleo diet. It’s not always the sensible option.

A far better approach, is to find a replacement for things that you normally eat from the new food groups that you are permitted to consume. By doing that, you will not only keep a much wider variety of foods within your dietary regime, but you will also give yourself the opportunity to try new things – maybe things that you’ve never had before.

By doing this, not only do you ensure that your dietary needs are met in terms of vitamins minerals and the “chemical” input the body needs – you are also ensuring that your emotional and creative needs are also met.

I think everyone of us has either said or heard somebody say”I’ve stopped the diet because it’s so boring”. In finding new types of food to eat, that major cause of dietary failure is avoided.

Many people on the low carb diet and to a certain extent the paleo diet, have found multiple uses for the humble cauliflower. Everything from cauli-rice – to ice cream (yes I kid you not). It really is very adaptable and when steamed or cooked properly has a very subtle taste that can
be mastered and augmented to taste like many of the foods it’s pretending to be.

But the beauty and overall adaptability and/or nutritional advantage in using cauliflower is more than just a matter of taste as the article by Mona Morstein thoroughly illustrates.

Afternoon snacking, in fact, snacking any time of day has often been a tad difficult for lowcarbers and paleo adherents. However, over the past few years many more “suitable” products have appeared on the market. Though not all of them have been exactly the way we would wish them to be.

Obviously, there are those in the community who weren’t totally satisfied with the offerings they found available and with that “can-do attitude” set about making something suitable – often just for their own consumption. But like all these things, when you are keen and persistent things that you like and make for yourself often become liked by other people around you who are generally looking for much of the same thing.

That is exactly what happened to Jason Burke who is the founder of New Primal. David Paul Miller tells us the story behind this now successful multiproduct company as well as his own journey from beer and pizza consuming tubbyness to the fighting fit person he has become. And we get an intriguing insight into the “behind-thescenes” goings-on of a company that strives to bring tasty and nutritional products into the hands of discerning low-carb and paleo followers.

We have all that plus our usual GMO, fitness, and so much more in this month’s edition of Low carb mag.

Have a great read.


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