Becoming single minded is probably one of the most effective ways you can ensure your success in getting leaner and fitter.

If you really want success you should pass every decision you make through the filter of “will doing this or not doing this help me to get fitter and or leaner”.

I’m not so much talking about what could be considered the ‘bigger’ decisions like ‘what diet should I follow’… Hopefully you will already have decided that a Low carb or Paleo diet type of diet is the healthiest. I’m more talking about the little decisions like…

Where do I go shopping?

What do I buy and take home?

Do I buy the cheaper brand or a better quality one?

Let’s take the consequence of those in reverse order.

Cheaper brands often contain the cheaper ingredients which are typically fillers – to bulk up the product, sugar, to cover the bitterness of many cheaper ingredients. On top of that you’ll have artificial flavour enhancers, to overcome the lack of flavors of the of the main ingredients – the fillers and of course to augment that of the reduced quantity of any ‘proper’ ingredients that actually get put into the produce to start with.

The decision here is simple.

Does eating this cheapo products add or detract from your health, are the ingredients going to help you achieve your main goal or not. If the answer is no, then that in part helps you decide the consequence of points I made earlier.

“What do I buy it and take home?”

Its obvious that we need to buy and take home only better quality, natural, organic and of course GMO free products.

And that decision may also help in the first question about where we shop.

We need to shop where we can find these better quality products.

Now, if you’re following this simple example you’ll agree that filtering your decisions through the main filter of “will doing this or not doing this help me to get fitter and or leaner” can only end up in you actually getting fitter and leaner and generally more healthy.

Yet this filter can and should be applied to all your decisions, from what shoes you buy to how you travel to work. From what car you drive to how you spend time with the kids or grandkids.

The great thing is that the more conscientious and braver you are in applying a ‘filter’ like this to your everyday decisions both large and small, the quicker you’ll see the thing you want to achieve being realised.

And if you want to truly see huge, efficient and quick progress only have one life goal and one corresponding filter in place at a time. The incidental stuff will still go on, beds will still be made, dinner will still be cooked those you love will still be loved.

But you won’t be sacrificing your well being (quite so much) to the things that don’t matter to you.

Imagine what you will you achieve by this simple process…

All the best,

Mark Moxom
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