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On a recent visit home, I went to see a long time family friend in hospital. They had had a stroke about 4 months ago that had been diagnosed as a urinary infection. No I could not believe it either. It was not until the antibiotics they had been prescribed did not make any difference after a week of taking them that they went back to the doctors. Further tests were run and eventually it was discovered she had had a series of strokes.

The sad thing is that very soon after there were 15 more strokes from which she is unlikely to recover.

My friend said she had never felt confident with the doctors’ first diagnosis, but she lacked the knowledge and conviction to say so and that may have cost her dearly.
It is not easy to talk about a friend going through something like this but it does serve to pass on a lesson to all of us who don’t listen to our bodies, don’t take notice of the way it reacts and don’t heed warning signs.
It is easy to blame the doctor – if he had done a thorough job and acted earlier my friend would more than likely have recovered and still be leading an active life. But he didn’t and now my friend is wasting away, paralysed and slowly losing touch.

It could be easy to blame the hospital as they did not provide enough physical therapy in order to prevent such rapid deterioration of her muscle strength, tone and movement.

That is just not what they do in the UK. If something can not be cured with a drug or an operation – it can’t be cured apparently.

One could find many people to blame but what would that profit anyone – it won’t make my friend better. So I would ask you to please learn from this for yourself and take to your body, and when it is trying to tell you something Listen and act.


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