A low carb diet, or any other diet for that matter, is not all about the food.

It’s about the results that you want to achieve for your health and well being, so to limit the process to just the food is a sure way to undermine much of what you are doing to obtain your goals.

And frankly it’s also not about discipline, exercise, counting carbs or any of the other or any things that so many people tell you, you should be relentlessly doing in order to get to the healthy outcomes you hope to achieve.

So, what is the that secret then? What is that ‘one’ thing you must do to be successful at losing the fat and becoming the new you?Frankly it is something that is decidedly simple to grasp and totally matter of fact -which is a good thing as it means you don’t need any super powers to make it work.And because of that it also means that anyone can do it and that in turn means you don’t have any excuses for not getting the results you want.

Yep – it’s all on you!Well here it is, the secret to success in anything is frankly… Management!Now there are lots of dictionary definitions of the word management but none of those really get to the grass roots understanding of what it means to manage yet,every one of us knows what it really means after all how many times have you either asked or been asked “…can you manage?”

Most often that phrase is uttered when we are about to do something, perform some action, undertake a project, take on new responsibility or simply get up out of the chair. Although some overpaid gurus and advisors might like to get all esoteric and arty farty about “managing’ in actual fact it is quite simple and it is always set in the context of the thing we are managing – it is always real never abstract.

Anyway, keeping it real, let’s get down to brass tacks.

The only thing any of us really need to manage to be successful in anything at all – including getting fit – is ourselves.

We need to manage our expectations

Manage the practical things we need to do to get them and then Manage the rewards.

Here is a practical example of that…

I love bread – I’ve written about this curse many times over the years and how I have very little (as in none at all) resistance to say a very fresh french baguette or ficelle so in order not to indulge I have to do something about not eating some.

The solution to managing this particular problem is to recognize when and where it might become a problem and to make sure I don’t put myself in the situation of being tempted.

So I avoid walking past the best boulangerie near me (and dealing with the torture of that fresh bread smell) and if in the supermarket – I remind myself that I’m saving myself a few euros by not indulging in something that is ultimately bad for me.

If I don’t take it home, it’s not in the cupboard and so I can’t eat it.

That is simply me managing my weaknesses.

You too I am sure have your own temptations and have also developed ways of managing those temptations

We would love to hear about them and share them with other readers so please do let us know by writing to mark@lowcarbmag.com

I really do look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,


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