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You and I are very much concerned with looking after our physical well being but how much time, care and effort do we give to our emotional, mental and even spiritual well being?

For many years I’ve been an advocate of treating the whole person. It is the root of health and healing and frankly anyone who tells you otherwise has a vested interest somewhere and you know what I think of planks like that…

Anyway… Let’s just drill down into one of these for one minute and look at our mental well being because that is something that is so often under attack and most commonly from current medical advice. It’s not rocket science to see the truth though.

If we starve our bodies of nourishment – they will soon deteriorate. Yet the medical profession has – through following the sage wisdom of drug dealers (aka manufacturers) – been conned into advising us for decades to cut down cholesterol… the very thing our brains need to work properly.

That’s why when people go on a low fat diet they get things like brain fog and if that Low Fat Diet is coupled with a high carb intake (the ongoing ‘wisdom’ behind things like the Standard American Diet) it is no wonder that the effect is multiplied thus more and more
people are suffering from debilitating, life changing health problems like MS, autism, Parkinson’s and more.

But take the other side of the coin.

Changing to a fat rich, no/low grain, low carb diet – what’s one of the first things people report experiencing?

Mental clarity!

And that is not surprising because in simple terms they are removing the poison of grain and high carbs from their diets and giving their brain the food it requires – good healthy fats. Fats – especially animal fats – are not only intrinsically important for health but they contain the trace elements that the brain can’t do without long-term.

The upside effects of good clear thinking are many fold but top of the list is that we make better choices when we think clearly. That leads to a better life all round and not just for ourselves but for those we love, like and mix with every day. So if people are calling you a grumpy old so and so…

Maybe a change in diet could change more than just your waistline.


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