Our relationship with food is indeed deep and complex but the truth of the matter is that
we all take it for granted and thus miss out on so much more than what understanding our own ‘personal ’ relationship with food can give us.

One example we’ll all be familiar with is comfort eating as it’s something we’ve either done
personally to one degree or another. Or will – most likely – know someone whose comfort eating is well known to everyone – except them.

Dieting is of course the direct inverse of comfort eating in that we choose to deny ourselves certain foods in order to get the rewards.

Yet both will so often center around the issue of control. For the comfort eaters. Some parts of their life are so out of their control – it might be work related, health related or very often relationship related (especially among men by the way) that food becomes the one area where they can feel in control and so they eat too much too often to simply feel ‘normal’.

Dieters on the other hand want to feel normal so one of the ways they can do that is by controlling their food.

Do you see the subtle yet crucial difference.

Well if you do great.

If you don’t then this month’s featured specialist Robb Wolf goes into the whole realm of our relationship with food in a super-clear yet detailed way that I know you’ll enjoy.

It really is well worth the read if only to help you understand your own relationship with
Or you can skip straight to the recipes they’re good too – just not quite the same level of insight.

Whatever you do, have a great month.

All the best


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