june_2015Eating on the go is easy if you don’t mind eating junk.

But of course you and I don’t like eating JUNK… We want proper food that’s tasty, organic and nutritionally excellent.

This month we look at two people who have looked around and not been impressed by the food bars they found on the market and decided that they could do better.

Yet even though they both saw the same problem, they each came to a different conclusion
about how they would solve it and give people in the Lowcarb and Paleo community a snack or food bar that was really worth while eating.

Taylor Collins and his partner Katy were inspired by a pack of great tasting and satisfying
bacon whereas Rebecca Myers and her business partner Nathalie Carter went with the nut and seed approach.

Each has found a great solution that resonates with differing parts of the LowCarb and Paleo community – with a huge proportion liking both.

So what does that prove?

On a simple level that not everyone wants or needs the same thing (One Size does not really fit everyone) and that we each have individual tastes and desires that are our choice and NO ONE else.

Across the whole of the Paleo and Low Carb Community people are going to want to be able to individualise the things they eat to suit their needs and that is only right and proper that you and I – as individuals – should be able to do so within reason.

If we can’t do that – if we have to conform only to a certain prescribed way of eating then very soon we are going to rebel and turn our backs on one of the healthiest ways of living and eating. Not only would that be a loss to us as individuals – it would be a loss to the community as a whole.

Yet it still makes me cringe, annoyed, incredulous that there are some in the paleo and low carb world who think that only their own advice has any value and
if anyone does not follow that advice then they are wrong.

To them I say… Really?

Have you forgotten that you are dealing with the lives and well being of Individuals?

Rather than insist people only do it your way and try to make yourself a god in the lives of others, would it not be better to teach your wisdom as a starting point
and give people the tools they need to be able to intelligently adapt things and find out what works best for them?

Of course when we do start to make our own decisions about what we eat rather than just following a plan from the new guru on the block, we have to do so from a position of knowledge and take the responsibility for our actions.

That last step is probably the most important.

Because when you take responsibility for yourself and your health, wonderful things happen.

I wish you more wonderful things today and for every day to come.

Until next time,

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