Keeping things fresh is important – especially in relationships and it’s worth saying that the closer the relationship, the more effort is needed in order to keep that ‘freshness’.

So… What are our closest and most important relationships?

Well, we might think straight away of those with our spouses, children, parents, siblings, friends, neighbours and so on but… I’ll put money on that fact that you probably didn’t say that the most important relationship we have in our lives right now is the one we have with ourselves.

And for most people that’s the one that gets the least amount put into it even though it is fundamental to who we are. It’s also a huge topic so I’m going to let you ponder that at your own leisure. That said, it is a starting point for where I’d like to take you this time.

So, to cut right to the chase, the thing I’d like to draw your attention to is the very very personal relationship each of us have with food. And more specifically, the food we actually eat on a day to day basis.

To begin to understand how important this relationship is – let’s start at an extreme.

Anyone who is addicted to something, be that drink, drugs, sex or in this case food is – one could say – controlled by that substance in much the same way that some people are controlled by an overbearing parent or – tending towards extremes again – an abusive partner. In these circumstance people lose or give up the ability to make rational positive choices for their own good.

In such cases we would all say (quite rightly I believe) that this person has a bad relationship with whatever or whoever the ‘baddy’ might be. And most people would agree that they should give up the drink or the drugs or – if that’s the case – get out of the relationship that is doing them harm.

What I’d like to challenge you on here – without any sense of condemnation – is for you to look at your relationship with food.  And ask yourself the question “am I in control or does my food control me?”

In other words, is your relationship with food good or bad for you and in either case are you aware of it?

What you do about the answer is of course entirely within your own hands and responsibility.

But – and coming back to my opening remarks – is your relationship with food staying fresh or has it gone stale and more importantly are you working on that relationship to make sure  it is a positive and nourishing one in which you with thrive and grow?

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