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Dai Manuel is a really really nice guy – as you’ll find out when you read our interview with him this month. Yet he has not had the smoothest of paths to where he is now as a recognised health and fitness influencer and leader. Dai is quite candid about talking about his battle with alcohol and the effect it had on him and his health – physical and
emotional until he took the decision to deal with it.

You and I also have had to make hard decisions I’m sure… Simply deciding to get fit and healthy, to follow a better way of eating and living was not something we took lightly.

We knew there were going to be struggles. We knew that while some of the people nearest and dearest to use would be supportive that there would be others who were not or maybe even tried to undermine what we were doing.

Yet we continued despite the setbacks, the nay sayers and the occasional wobble in our resolve.

One Question…

Was it worth the effort?

Yes – it jolly well was!

Are you, like me living a healthier better more fun life?

I’ll bet you are.

Are those who supported you as pleased as you are?

Most likely they are as pleased as punch.

How about the naysayers and the agents of sabotage?

Well, they’ve probably followed your example or are still in their personal rut and are as jealous as can be.

What should we do about these people?

Well, coming back to Dai’s example. There is nothing YOU have to do at all except be the example.

One day – just like you and I did – they too will have to make their own decision.

Our only service is to be there when they do.

Enjoy the healthy freedom YOU have made for yourself my friend.

You have earned it.

Have a super day and enjoy the magazine…


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