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Hi and welcome to this months edition of Low Carb Mag.

The people we mix with every day have an enormous effect on our lives – even though we may not think so. Thats why it’s important we try to mix with people who can influence us for good – even though that may not be saying things we really want to hear sometimes.

Sometimes, It’s only after we reflect on things that we can see the sense in what was said. Which brings me on to Doug…
Doug Varrieur is a very straightforward talking guy.

You know exactly where you stand with him.

And that’s really one of the beauties of that talking with Doug – he gives simple, easy to follow advice.

And to my mind, that is the mark of somebody who actually knows what they’re talking about. That’s one of the reasons why we’ve got a sneak peak from the interview I had with him in this months issue.

The opposite is when people witter on about things… You have to wonder sometimes if they do really know what they’re talking about.

The sad/annoying thing is, is that we find that all over the health and fitness arena – but hopefully not within the pages of Low-Carb mag. The reason for that is that we choose the people that we talk to very carefully. But we don’t rely solely on people’s academic qualifications in we don’t allow ourselves to be blinded by letters and titles.

There is often more credence to be given to people who walk the walk than those who merely talk a good talk. At least in my book anyway. May be the ideal is when people have both experience and qualifications.

Take Trina Felber for instance.

She wanted paleo friendly organic make up – which she couldn’t find already on the market so she set about making her own, and that led to primal life organics. You’ll hear more from

Trina a bit later.
Then there’s Dr Dave Bird – a world-class running coach – and so much more than a run coach… He is someone who can not only qualified to get the best out of people – but because of his experience – he can see where their best really is – even if they can’t.

And really that’s the crux of everything isn’t it.

Being able to see potential.

So here’s my challenge for you this month…

Can you see your own potential?

I’m guessing that you probably can… Well, at least see part of your potential. Otherwise you would not be bothering to look after your body the way that you are.

Yet have you seen the fullness of your potential?

Here’s something that I’ve noticed over the years about people who start to look after their bodies.

It’s simply that when we start taking care of the physical then the rewards of that care start to spill over into other areas of your life. And soon – when you start to see improvement and success in your physical well-being – you’ll start to see that in your mental well-being as well.
That spills over into your emotional well-being.

That continues and spreads throughout every part of your life including your financial well-being.

Now there are some very good reasons for that obviously.

An obvious one is that by looking after your body your need for medical attention and other curative processes will be lessened because you’re now using preventative measures and those are always far more effective and far cheaper to implement as well. And they have enormous long-term benefits that you’ll start to see over time.

I’m sure you get the picture so I’m not going to go on about that any longer.

Except to say “Well done for loving yourself enough to do something about improving yourself”

How different will your life in one years time?

The potential is enormous.


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