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Life – as we all know -is not all milk and honey or rainbows and unicorns.

Sometimes it’s hard, tough and downright unforgiving. Yet through all of that, there is always something to find in our day to bring cheer and give hope.

As I look back over my life I can see that the biggest changes which often proved to bring the most rewards too -happened after I had made the decision not to give in, throw in the towel or otherwise give in to temptation.

Being tenacious helped me overcome the health challenges, lose the weight, get fit and above all know peace of mind.

I learned early on that taking the safe path and never trying to get a better outcome by doing something different was usually the path to failure. Even if it was not failure in the direct sense, then it was failure by knowing that I’d probably missed out through not trying… You know. Those“what ifs”.

That’s a long way round to get to the point of:

It’s better to have tried and fail along the way than to have failed to try.

After all, if we keep trying then – if by nothing else but through the law of averages – we will be successful some of the time.

So take courage my friend and try again as it could be that this is the time that you will succeed but you simply won’t know until you try.

All the best, ‘til next time,



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