In this issue we have our interview with Dr Michael Ruscio,
a functional medicine doctor.

There are three things in that interview that I’d like to bring to
your attention.

1. You don’t need to have every test available to
find out what is wrong with you.

It’s much better to choose the first tests based on the symptoms
and confirm or eliminate the most common causes. That way you can often cut patient’s bills by more than half and still
get valuable results that allow effective treatment. And after
all, you can always do more tests later on if they are needed..

2. If you can… Try and get your conventional doctor to work with your functional medicine doctor.

That’s because they have complementary skills that work at different ends of the care spectrum. And… “because they’re looking for slightly different things.

Conventional medicine is very good at early detection of disease and conventional management of certain diseases. Functional medicine is more so suited at chronic degenerative diseases and trying to prevent those diseases or trying to treat the underlying cause of those diseases.”

3. Not every good food is good in every circumstance.

“…looking at things like asparagus, cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage. So these are foods that people would probably say, yeah that’s a really healthy food but this is where we have to get a little more nuanced in terms of what’s our definition of healthy. It’s not an unhealthy food but if you’re Mary Sue, 36, a mother of three and you have a lot of bloating and insomnia then that bloating may be caused by an overgrowth of bacteria and eating lots of asparagus,
cabbage and cauliflower feed that bacteria and make that bloating more. That bloating causes causes inflammation
in the gut…”

We also have a very interesting article from Ellen Jaffe Jones – who has a great argument supporting vegan paleo that may provide you with food for thought.

Lastly, yes this is the January issue and the time of year when many people renew old resolutions. So if you’re
wondering what ones you might take on this year, I have a suggestion for you…

But first a little comment on why we often don’t carry some resolutions through because quite a lot of the time it’s simply that we were not ready for them yet.

So, with that in mind. Look back over say the last five years and pick up some of your resolutions that fell by the wayside and put the most beneficial of those at the top of your list.

You might just be ready to benefit from them now.

Happy New Year

Mark and all the Low Carb Mag Team

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