Low Carb Mag January 2015

Low Carb Mag January 2015

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Ah the new year….

Full of promise, hope and aspiration.

Well, while all around us  every newspaper, magazine, TV and radio show will be talking about new years resolutions, you’ll actually find the new years edition of Lowcarb Mag free from such talk about those topics.

We’ll be concentrating more on giving you useful ways you can keep the ones you’ve already got in mind.

So… no resolution bashing here.

Instead I’d like to take a brief look back over the last year at the great people who  help put the magazine together and bring it’s pages to life – with thanks going in particular to Loreta who handles all the coordination of article, interviewees and so much more. And to Ann for her brilliant design flair that give the magazine it’s character and makes reading it a visual pleasure.

Neither can I forget the ones who have written for or been interviewed by Low Carb Mag and firstly say thank you to each one as you have help so many people in ways that we’ll probably never know about – to get healthier and live a fuller, healthier lifestyle.

That is equally true of Dr Shauna Young who we’ll be interviewing in this months feature. Dr Young has help thousands of people overcome some very difficult health challenges many times when a few callous gits among many good ones in mainstream health profession had simply written them off.

I strongly encourage you to read her interview. It might not be for you right now but there may be someone in your circle who could use the type of information and healing that doctors like Shauna Young can facilitate.

I’d also like to welcome a new contributor to the fold – Astrid Bengtson. Astrid is a high level personal trainer who has a profound expertise in corrective exercise and helps people restore optimal muscle function.

She has a great article for you this month to help you build up your core muscles (back and stomach) for a better posture and balance.

There are also our tasty regulars from the LowCarb Mag Kitchen with a time tested recipe for Basque-style Chicken from Chef Alain braux and a super delicious almost naughty and certainly indulgent Coconut Balls for entertaining your sweet tooth.


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