Melissa Patruno believes at the root core we all want to lead balanced, healthy, happy lives and feel good in our body, mind and spirit. In our modern world it is easy to get out of sync and be enveloped by how fast paced everything is. Therefore, it can be helpful to have an accountability partner to help guide us back to what we truly want in life.

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Melissa work with clients to achieve their personal goals. Coming from a holistic approach she believes that nourishment can come from things on and off of our plate. Through wholesome and clean nutrition, self love, breath work, positive relationships and mindfulness her aim is to empower her clients to live a balanced lifestyle and to create a positive relationship with mind, body, spirit and food.

Melissa’s inspiration: teaching people what’s truly in their food and personal care products so they can regain control on what they put into their body. By eating real, whole foods and using truly natural and organic products that are free from additives and processed ingredients we can all feel good and live balanced, healthy, happy lives.

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