Karen Rose Tank has a BS degree from Cornell University in Plant Science. After college she worked for Cornell Cooperative Extension teaching vegetable farmers techniques for growing crops using fewer pesticides. A developing interest in the economics of food and agriculture led her back to school where she obtained a MS degree from Rutgers University in Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics. Afterwards Karen worked as an Agribusiness and Ag Biotech Consultant for a large consulting firm.

Karen’s career continued as she raised two boys, Alexander, who is now in graduate school at UW in Seattle, and Spencer, who lives in Brooklyn, NYC and works for a computer science consulting firm. Both are graduates of Princeton University. Karen is proud  to say that both boys are now very much into healthy cooking and eating. It did take quite a bit of persistence on her part to be a role model for healthy food choices but the payoff is huge. Karen has given them a foundation in health that will carry them throughout their lives.

Karen’s website is www.RoseHealthCoaching.com and there is

  • a free Cheat Sheet people can grab on… Healthy Snacking to Manage Blood Sugars AND Keep Cravings at Bay.
  • Over 50 Low Carb Recipes
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