There is nothing more important than your health. Without health – you can do nothing.

And if this is all you take notice of this month – then I’ve done what I set out to do.

When it comes to your health, I’m sure that you have a few things on your “I must get round to doing…” list that you’ve been putting of for a while. Well, I would encourage you to not put them off any longer as sometime we can leave things far to long and our eventual state of health ends up far worse than it should have been – occasionally with fatal consequences.

So please do tackle those nagging doubts you’ve had about that slight discomfort here or that dull ache there and just get on and see the right person to give you the answers.

For example, if you suspect that you’re sensitive to some food or another, just take the concern in hand and if nothing else – don’t eat foods that contain that ingredient under suspicion and see if you have found the culprit.

If you do find the problem – great! Job done and you’ll no longer have that nagging doubt and you’ll no more be bogged down by worry and concern.

But even if you don’t – continue on with the hunt.

The bottom line to this short editorial is simply this.

You are worth every second of the time you put into looking after yourself and if like so many,
you think it virtuous to be a little self sacrificing then think again. Because in the first place… No one really notices that you’re putting your own health in jeopardy just to do them a favor. And in the second place… that is a very short term strategy.

Because at the end of the day, by looking after yourself properly, you’ll be around a lot longer and able to do more for the people you care about and in a much healthier condition that it may no longer seem like a sacrifice. It’ll be enjoyable instead.

Have a great month


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