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I’m not going to ask how your New Year’s resolutions are going because for most people they’ll have been ‘revised’ by now and undergone ‘subtle changes more in keeping with one’s lifestyle’.  Which is another way of saying ‘they’ve been dropped’!

What does that tell us about ourselves?

Simply this that we are creatures of habit and if something does not become a habit – even though it is good for us – we will rarely – if ever make it part of who we are. And it does not matter what it is, exercise, food choices, even mundane things the route we
take to the store. Doing thing out of habit just makes life easier. Or so we think.

But not always of course. We call ‘smoking’ a habit.

We call taking drugs a habit.

Drinking? Yep that too can become a habit.

Just the same way that always having a biscuit with your coffee is a habit. Or having sugar in your iced tea can easily be considered a habit.

So what can you do?

Well, one of the simplest way of getting rid of bad habits is by replacing them with good ones. The trick is to find a good enough ‘reason why’ you want to stick with it.

Finding that reason can be easy like when your doc says “Stop eating that crap or you’ll get diabetes and eventually end up with both legs amputated” or something more positive like “I want to be able to enjoy seeing my grandkids growing up, run around with them and all that”.

Find your powerful reason and you’ll find the path to success in all you do.


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