Shawn Mynar is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP™), Restorative Wellness Practitioner, Certified Personal Trainer, Real Food Foodie, and Passionate Health Seeker!

Shawn grew up, as many of us do, following the Standard American Diet of grains, cereals, sodas, cakes, cookies, chips, crackers, and plenty of sugar. As soon as she knew what it meant to be on a diet, probably about 7th grade, Shawn went on one. She then made sure to include every fat-free, processed, packaged food into her extremely calorie-restricted meal plan. Shawn’s broken relationship with food and what “healthy” meant continued throughout her teen years, into college, and even as a young professional adult. Even upon finding out she had developed an autoimmune disease, ulcerative colitis (UC) in 2008, Shawn still didn’t make the connection that what she was putting and not putting into her mouth could have anything to do with it.

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