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This edition of the magazine contains some exciting articles for you to read that will help you move your health and fitness ideas on a pace. Our feature article this month is the interview with Mark Sisson. You may well know Mark from his primal diet books and website and the huge amount of information that he freely gives away. And he’s no less generous with us here as he reveals to us information that may help you take your understanding and health to new levels.

You might have noticed that although this is called low carb mag that we do include a good smattering of information, stories and interviews with people who are very much aligned with thepaleo way of eating. The reason for that is very simple in that there is a lot of overlap between low carb and paleo.

What some people don’t appreciate is that if you are following a low carb diet you are most likely to be completely paleo although following a paleo diet does not necessarily mean that you’re low carb, but you may well be 80 to 85% of the way there.

Why is that important?

I’ve been around and in the low carb arena getting on for three decades now and have seen the rise, the fall and the resurgence of the low carb diet firsthand. Like many different ways of doing things and techniques that came to be known as the Atkins diet or the South Beach diet or more simply the low carb diet – went through many growing pains and I see similar growing pains reflected in what’s going on in the world of paleo right now.

In that while the underlying principles of paleo are all the same for everybody – there are a few personalities that have pushed emphasis on certain parts of the paleo lifestyle with almost religious fervour. An example of that would be whether you have dairy or not.

The point I’m trying to make here is that even though paleo may seem like a very mature lifestyle choice, it’s actually still going through a lot of growing pains. I believe that most people involved in paleo are genuine, caring people who have found something that works for them and many of the people who follow them, and simply want to help even more people by sharing what they’ve learnt – often at some cost – in order to make it easier for others to gain the benefit of their experience.The point I’m making is that just because someone eats slightly differently from you does not make them any way a lesser human being.

If you are a long-term low carber I’m sure that a lot of what I say will resonates with you. I would therefore ask that when you meet people following the paleo way of living and eating that you take the time to share with them what works for you and more importantly take the time to find out what works for them because whether we follow a low carb or paleo diet – there is always something we can learn from each other.

As usual, there is a lot packed into the magazine this month so it just remains for me to welcome you again to December’s magazine – which I hope you will enjoy and also to wish you an absolutely smashing Christmas – however you choose to enjoy it.


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