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Real Food.

Go back only say 50 years and the food that sick people in hospital ate was most likely to have been prepared and cooked in the hospital made – for the most part – from fresh local ingredients.

Event those patients who needed liquid food would have had their needs met by the kitchen staff liquidising real food. The great advantage of this was that all the natural nutrients it contained would have been preserved.

This gave people who really needed the best possible opportunity of getting natural nutrients. Yet the most important part of this was not just that they were natural but that the sick patients’ bodies recognised these ingredients as nutrients that they could use.

Another advantage was that as the food was freshly prepared – it did not need to be filled with preservative, or any other chemicals that could cause harm or upset or reduce the body’s ability to metabolise it..

Fast forward to now and virtually all the liquid food given to sick, nutrient starved people in hospitals is now as close to being real food as chalk is to being cheese. And, in my own wholly biased opinion, is as nutrient rich as chalk.

A brief aside…

In the UK we have something called the Liverpool diet. It’s a medical diet that has been routinely prescribed to generally older patients who the medical profession has decided are no longer going to respond to treatment. That’s actually me being kind, It really means that the doctor in charge can’t see the point in continuing treatment any more so they prescribe a diet that consists of… Nil by mouth.



After all the best way to bring someone to the end of their life is to deny them these fundamentals. For frail patients this usually results in them surviving for just a few days. For others it can last weeks. But the end is the same. A slow or very slow death.

All because they did not get the liquid and nutrients their bodies needed.

Yes that is an extreme example of how the medical profession treats its clients but it underlines the attitude you find in that industry.

Back to the subject.

It’s attitudes like that, that have allowed large drug manufacturers to step in and convince the medics that they should give ‘specially’ made super sterile ‘food’ to patients. And of course the modern medics are so scared of being sued, that they give in to the spiel of the salesperson and place their order of chemical mush as at least they can’t be accused of giving their patients food poisoning.

The fact that these products contain over 50 chemical compounds, huge amounts of sugars (typically over 50% carbs) of varying quality and nothing that the body recognizes as food is merely an inconvenience.

The box marked ‘the patient is being fed’ can be ticked.

The fact that they are being starved of real food that will help to make them better does not matter in the least.

One person has done something about this.

When Robin Gentry McGee (see our featured article) found out what was in the ‘food’ her father was being given in hospital, she decided to do something about it. She went home and produced real food her father could have and saw the difference it made. Others heard of her efforts and the word spread as she helped others. This has developed into producing quality liquid food for sick patients commercially that is available for you and your loved ones should you ever have need of it.

Of course – I hope you don’t need it.

But at least now you have the choice.


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