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Unless they are making a film about it, then no one deliberately sets out to get fat. So for most getting fat is a side effect of other things that are going on in our lives.

For a lot of people this can come down to ‘change’

Things like a change in job, retirement, injury, or really anything that causes us to be suddenly less active than we used to be. and this presents a our bodies
with a double whammy.

Firstly, and remember much of the way we eat is habitual, that we simply continue to eat the way we did when we were more active. Obviously as we’re now less active we really are eating far more than our bodies can use and guess what – the excess gets stored as fat and in all the wrong places.

But and here’s the second of those whammies… We have more time on our hands and that means other things start to make the problem even worse. We get bored and in order to cut the boredom we do something that fills the time and gives us pleasure and thats eat.

And wouldn’t you know it we have more opportunity to go out to lunch and more time to do it in too.

So it’s no wonder that retirees and people who have been made redundant start to put on unwanted weight.

Putting on weight as a way to seek comfort

No the second group there – those made redundant are just one of a huge group of people who may be eating because they are not comfortable with life at that moment. And it’s true that many, many people turn to food as an easy way to alleviate the discomfort that are feeling due to life circumstances. But they are not alone.

People turn to seeking comfort in food over many issues.
•Emotional upset
•Relationship problems
•Upset at work
•Being bullied at school
•Health problems
•Even being overweight – yes really and especially if it exacerbates any of the above.

Putting on weight due to Medical Problems

This is actually the smallest group of people of those who get fat as there aren’t that many physical medical syndromes and illness related problems the cause people to directly put on weight. Yes granted, being laid up for a while so you cant move could be used as an excuse but that all it can ever be – an excuse.

So what then is the biggest reason?

Simply Poor Diet

The vast majority of people get fat because they are eating too much of the wrong type of food that THEIR body needs.

I’ll give you the fact that a large proportion of these people may well also be included in one of the first two groups above but not all of them will be – they are getting fat for other reasons.

The biggest ‘another reason’ people get fat is a lack of knowledge about what is good to eat and what is not.

It has to be balanced across the two as it’s as important to know what you shouldn’t eat as much as it’s vital to know what you should be eating.
As an example – If you are allergic to something such as gluten or even dairy. Then it does not matter how much of the rest of your diet is made up of ‘healthy’ options – you’ll still be sick and maybe getting fat.
If you’re eating a diet with a high grain content – for whatever

reason – then no amount of healthy vegetables and so on will counteract the fat storing and inflammatory effects that grains have on the body.
Ditto for a diet high in sugar!
So those are the problems. What are the solutions?
It starts off by being aware about what’s going on in your life and reacting to those changes or better still planning for and managing those changes wherever possible. If retirement or redundancy is coming up – plan for it – both in terms of what you’re going to eat and what you are going to do to stay active.

Be aware of your emotions, about the things that get on your nerves, about the people that distress and dealing with THOSE situations first and foremost. The only time you can eat your way out of a problem would be if you were held in a prison made of cake.

And if you recognize your diet is poor then well done as thats the first step on the path to doing something about and the first of those is to educate yourself about the better choices you do have. It is far more intelligent to spend time finding out what your better options are than spend time working out excuses.

Like my grandad used to say. If you fall into a sewer, you can either look for a way out or find reasons why you should stay where you are. No matter how fine the excuse – you’re still in the shit.

Whatever life throws at you chose to react in a way that is best for you on every level and that always – but always has to start with making sure you look after YOUR health.

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