As you’re reading Low Carb Mag, it’s quite likely that you’re a very experienced low carber or paleoista. And you have probably (hopefully) spent a lot of time educating yourself about how your particular diet works and quite likely you learnt the most valuable lessons through going through your trials, successes and not ‘so’ successful – shall we say “experiments”.

I dare say that through the years that you’ve been following your path to health, you’ve probably been asked advice by many people about how they too can do what you have done to get fit, healthy, lose weight and so on.

And, I would also suggest you have helped them get the success – most of the time – that they were looking for.


Have you ever thought of taking your helpful successes to the next level and become a nutritionist, trainer or health advocate?

Yes each one of those professional titles requires a certain degree of time and money to get qualified in but don’t you think you’ve probably got what it takes to help even more people and get paid to aid them in accomplishing their goals, get better health and live better lives?

Seriously. If you have ever entertained the idea – please do follow it through. There are many people who will gladly take you up on an offer of help to get out of a problem.

So why not?

On the other hand, it might be that you don’t want to go down that line – you don’t want that sort of profession
for whichever good reason fits your circumstance – and that’s fine. After all you might be a busy parent, already have a great career or just simply it’s not for you!

But… Could your story inspire others to achieve as much as you have in terms of getting fit and healthy?

Now you may not think so but you’d be surprised just how many people there are in the world who would recognise themselves in your circumstances and would take great encouragement from the success (and challenges) that you have had and go on to get it simply because “if you can do it – they can too”

There are a whole host of things you can do to get your story out there…

  • Simply go on telling other people what you have done.
  • Go and tell your story at your club, church, community or business lunches in fact anywhere where they
    have regular speakers. And it’s not as scarey as it sounds after all you are the expert on what YOU have
    done and no one can ever claim to know more about you than you (OK with the exception of your mom).
  • You could take it a stage further and simply write down your story and even if you don’t make the New
    York Times bestseller list, you’ll still have helped more people than you could if you did nothing. And no, you
    don’t need to be a fantastic writer just be able to put words on the page that people can understand and resonate with.

What I’m getting to here is simple.

At the very least you’ve got experience in getting the success you’ve got and that experience is valuable because it can help others to get the same type of success.

Not only that but you’ve got a fantastic story that not only deserves to be told but that can help others in the telling.

So don’t be shy.

Blow Your Own Trumpet! And see how many others want to dance to your tune.

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