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It always and without exception gives me immense pleasure to see how people are cured and healed from so many ‘incurable’ maladies and illnesses simply by adopting a low carb, paleo or otherwise healthy diet free from artificial, GMO’s grains or other poisonous ingredients.

It never gets old for me.

I still struggle though with the way that what I like to think of as the ‘mainstream’ medicine refuses – on so many levels – to accept the enormous amount of evidence that the wrong type of ‘food’ is behind so much of today’s illness and suffering.

Whether you look at the original Hippocratic Oath in greek or the modern version there is the underlying understanding that a doctor – of any discipline – must never treat with a view to doing injury or wrong doing to their patients; to never prescribe a poison and to call upon the expertise of others who can treat their patient more effectively than the doctor himself can.

While I can see there are many in the medical profession who do uphold this oath , there are too many who through pride, ignorance or even mischief do not because they refuse treatment based on dietary change.

Some foods are a poison to some people – that is a fact.

So for those of you in mainstream medicine… In MY view – you have a duty to find out if that is the case for every one of your patients. And then to make sure that if you don’t know how to treat them that you send those patients to seek the expert advice of a Gluten free, Grain free, carb free, GMO free specialist so that your patients really can get the help needed to remove the poison from their diet and to gain the health that your Hippocratic oath promises to uphold.

If you do do that you are really being a healer and I salute you.


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