There is so much great content in this edition of Low Carb Mag that I’m not going to take up too much of your time in comment.

Except to encourage you to look into the many many old fashioned remedies that have been proven to be very effective right up to the point that thep harmaceutical companies brought out something less potent.

The general pattern seems to be that the old remedy suddenly becomes ineffective, is said to work because of the placebo effect or if people using it won’t give in to the new research(aka propaganda) then the old remedy is said to be dangerous.

One of those old fashioned remedies is of course what we eat. As Hippocrates said…

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

I have yet to find more than a handful of doctors in general practice that ever get beyond pedaling anything more than‘low fat’ platitudes. The rest of them don’t seem to believe that what you put in your body makes any difference to your health.

Unless it is a pharmaceutical of course.

There is something very wrong with that situation and sadly, it is the misinformed who continue to suffer.Which leads me to the real point of this short diatribe….Well done to you for continuing to learn and become informed about how healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle can only be good for you.

All the best


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