Finding common ground amongst people who differ from our own point of view does seem sensible when we think about it.

Yet many times our actual, natural reaction is to do exactly the opposite.

It seems that when we get into conversations with people and find that they differ on one point from certain beliefs that we hold dear, we automatically start to look for other things about which we differ.

Instead of acting rationally, we follow the time tested reaction and throw the baby out with the bathwater.

In so doing, we will most certainly miss out on some enlightening insights, hard earned understandings and real nuggets of wisdom from the person who dares to think differently from us – even if it’s only about one thing.

I’m sure you are nodding your head in agreement with simply how ridiculous that would be and of course you and I would never ever do that… Would we?

All that to say, no one can expect you to agree with everything we include in the Low Carb Mag but I think I can rely on you to get the best from those things you do agree with. And maybe accept the rest as a little challenge to learn more about what you don’t yet understand.

After all… It might be that slight challenge, that “I’ll prove to that so-and-so they are not right”, when carried out in the right spirit may be the basis of a breakthrough for you and maybe thousands more who could be helped by what you discover.

Happy reading,
Mark Moxom

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