April_2015“Let Food Be Your Medicine”

That’s the phrase that many in the natural health community will happily quote until the grass fed cows come home.

But seriously… How many of us really take it to heart?

Obviously there are a whole load in the lowcarb and paleo community who have taken out a huge range of foods that were making them sick.

Grains for most along with virtually Industrialised and processed food. Gluten containing ingredients for those with a sensitivity. Milk products for the same reason.

We are all good at deleting things from our list of what we eat in order not to get sick and that is only common sense.

After all… Why poison yourself?

But these actions are only half of the real meaning behind what hippocrates was saying – the real essence of his simple thought is to use food to firstly nourish our bodies and heal us when we aren’t in tip top condition.

It’s when we look at the second part of his edict “… and let medicine be your food” that the penny really starts to drop.

He is clearly saying that if your medicine is your food, then we are not being encouraged to look to drugs as being the source of healing but the very food we eat.

Again, many of us pay lip service to the medicinal qualities of even some very common food types. The thing is they can be of huge benefit for our nutrition and a cure for virtually every ill known to mankind. From autism to zits.

What you eat can cure them all sometimes even more quickly and thoroughly than any drug. And the only side effect from taking food as medicine is better health.

Except cabbage of course.That might give you gas:)

One lady who knows all about using food as medicine is Jennifer Cuevas.

Not that long ago, Jennifer was ill with a multitude of health problems including high cholesterol, prediabetes, weight gain, Hashimoto’s and arthritis.

After eventually getting through seven doctors, she finally found out that she had gluten sensitivity and celiac disease – where even just a crumb from a biscuit could affect her health.

What I find shocking is that there are over 300 health problems that are known to be caused or aggravated by eating gluten.

Yet how many medical professional do you know that even think to look at that simple problem being the cause of someone’s illness.

Even though the reliable statistic is that 60% of the population are sensitive to gluten at some level.

As you read through Jennifer’s story I’m sure you’ll think of someone you know that is going through something similar. Please feel free to share this story with them.

Best selling author, scientist and fitness athlete Martina Johansson is joining us for the first time this month taking the time to share her profound knowledge about how our bodies hormones respond  to the food we eat and really why that is one of the keys to low carb diets being so effective.

And we’ll have a brief look at the dangers and ‘benefit’ of weight loss pills too.

Plus our usual fantastic recipes – having a vaguely Easter type of theme.

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